Zero Gravity

The Request

This client turned to Creative Star to organize an extraordinary and boundary-pushing teambuilding experience. A three-day adventure where innovation, teamwork, and experiencing weightlessness were central. The wish was to offer the participants a unique and inspiring experience, where they could as a team feel the sensation of a parabolic flight in the stratosphere and experience weightlessness.

The Solution


Creative Star put together a program that took the participants on an unforgettable journey to the edge of space. The three-day experience began with a luxurious reception at an exclusive hotel, where the participants were welcomed with a dinner and a briefing about the upcoming adventure. Here, they met the experts and astronauts who would guide them during the parabolic flight.

The next day started with intensive training and preparation for the parabolic flight. The participants received a comprehensive briefing on safety procedures and the science behind weightlessness, followed by a simulation to prepare them for the unique sensation. After lunch, they were taken to the airport, where a specially designed aircraft was ready for their parabolic flight.

During the flight, the participants made several parabolic arcs, experiencing short periods of weightlessness each time. This unique sensation of floating in the air not only provided them with an unforgettable experience but also strengthened team spirit and cooperation. After the flight, there was time to debrief and share experiences during a festive reception.

The third day focused on reflection and teambuilding. The morning began with an interactive workshop, where participants learned how to translate the experience of weightlessness into their daily work environment and team dynamics. They then enjoyed a relaxing lunch, followed by a closing ceremony where certificates were awarded and memories were shared.

The three-day teambuilding experience offered the participants a unique opportunity to transcend the boundaries of Earth and experience the sensation of weightlessness, while coming closer together as a team and returning to their daily lives inspired.

The Zero Gravity experience with Creative Star was an incredible incentive trip. The feeling of weightlessness in the stratosphere was simply unforgettable.

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