Incentive Trips to Remember Forever

Why an incentive trip? As a full-service travel agency and incentive organizer, we know all the tricks of the trade.

For your incentive trip, Creative Star plans fully customized travel experiences that consequently support your business goals. We focus on a high level of engagement and create an unforgettable and spectacular experience. A beautiful balance between adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration is not to be missed at Creative Star!

Do you lack the time to get your incentive trips organized? Do you not want to be tied to travel restrictions? Do you need support in managing your budgets? Or do you have no idea which incentive trip contributes to your business goals? Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience in organizing incentive trips, we create creative, unique, and luxurious incentive travel experiences. Moreover, we fully tailor the travel programs to your goals and needs, making your incentive experience deliver measurable results.

And thanks to our dedicated media team, we meticulously capture your incentive trip on film, if desired, so you and your guests can long relish that unforgettable experience.

Complete Peace of Mind

After an in-depth conversation, we identify your needs and map out customized travel programs and concepts that meet your objectives. Are you experiencing logistical planning difficulties? No worries, as aspects such as flights, accommodation, and on-site transportation are provided by Creative Star. The communication about the incentive program to the participants is also our responsibility if you indicated wanting to use this option. In short, you don’t have to worry about anything and are fully cared for by our expertise.

Everything ends, but memories last forever! Once the fantastic incentive trip is over, we would love to discuss the experiences and results with you. In this way, we can continually surpass ourselves and elevate your and your guests’ expectations in the future, because we never stop!

Work hard, play harder

Has your sales team had a fantastic quarter? Do your loyal shareholders provide your company with optimal strength? Do you have the most reliable suppliers with whom you have maintained a perfect working relationship for years? Or do you simply want to pamper your loyal colleagues with an incredible trip?

At Creative Star, we understand the power of incentive travel as a motivator, reward, and strengthener of collaborations. Because whoever performs according to their capacity deserves an unforgettable incentive! Our programs are carefully assembled and customized, making your incentive trip an unforgettable experience that not only improves individual performances but also strengthens the overall dynamics within your team.

Our goal is for you and your guests to enjoy optimally, which is why we offer complete peace of mind. We provide our incentive butler app, a personalized application for your project. This way, you and your guests can precisely track everything and always consult an overview of the entire program.

Start your adventure worry-free and let us plan your unforgettable incentive trip!

Places to go

With an incentive trip, we aim to give your best team, your long-term business relations, loyal colleagues, or loyal customers an experience of exceptional quality. Therefore, we search for the most exclusive travel destinations, unique locations, and the best accommodations and design a fully customized program that meets your desires and needs.

Curious about our destinations? It’s a surprise! Our destinations are always the places to go at that moment. Think of the amazing pristine nature of Costa Rica, the delicious Moroccan spices, the breathtaking landscape of Lapland, endless safaris in Tanzania, the volcanic phenomena in Iceland,… and so much more! We choose a travel destination that sparks the imagination.

Do you have a favorite destination in mind? Of course, we always listen to your wishes and needs and based on that, create an extraordinary incentive trip, focusing on luxury, exclusivity, and the highest achievable quality.

Make it clear, your guests will be pampered, and your incentive adventure will undoubtedly be an unforgettable memory!

A Unique Experience

Say goodbye to traditional travels and rewards, at Creative Star we opt for original destinations, exclusive surprises, and especially unique experiences. This also comes with culinary delights and the luxury you desire.

Also, during your incentive travel experience, we provide professional guidance and coordination of all activities, ensuring everything runs seamlessly and you and your guests explore the top destinations in an extraordinary way.

We guarantee that during your incentive travel journey, you will encounter countless “wow” moments and discover the most beautiful places. There are no limits to destinations and possibilities, as no challenge is too big for us.

Longing for your ‘once in a lifetime’ incentive trip?

Enjoying Luxury

At Creative Star, we create a customized program for your incentive trip, where luxury and indulgence are the standards.

We always focus on quality down to the smallest details, and we ensure class from start to finish. That’s why we go a step further by offering our private rental of airplanes, private jets, and helicopters. Or do you and your guests prefer a mega or luxury yacht that visits a different country every day? Everything is possible at Creative Star! Enjoy luxury and create an unforgettable experience from the start of your adventure.

Do you need different check-in arrangements or more baggage to be provided? Through the private rental of the respective vehicles, such questions are effortlessly handled.

Do you wish to carry your culinary experience from the start? Then, we provide customized catering on board. Creative Star turns your incentive trip into an unforgettable spectacle.

Are you interested in enjoying a magical incentive trip? We would be delighted to organize this for you.

Where there’s a will there’s a way. A leader who really values the people in his or her organization will be constantly showing it through some formal programs and lots of informal gestures.

Jim Clemmer

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