Let’s download the incentive butler app!

Have you heard about our Incentive Butler App? Well, Creative Star offers complete peace of mind regarding your incentive travels, team buildings, corporate events, seminars, conferences, and so much more. The Incentive Butler App is an application that makes the process just a bit easier for you. You maintain necessary control if desired and especially enjoy more comfort during your incentive or team building. Our Incentive Butler App is also available in the App Store or Google Play under the name: Creative Star Incentives.

Follow Your Travel Program

With this app, you can always consult your customized travel program wherever and whenever you want. When using our private hire of airplanes, private jets, and helicopters, you can check where you will take off and what time you are expected to arrive beforehand with the app. When traveling with our private hire of mega and luxury yachts, you can always check which port you will be picked up from for departure. Even with incentive flights or any other mode of transport you use, you will find all the details digitally in the Incentive App.

But that’s not all, with the Incentive App, you can also follow the complete travel program that has been tailor-made for you and your guests by Creative Star. You can even view photos of the destinations and activities. If you’re not so fond of surprises or are too curious to wait for what’s coming, you can keep an eye on everything and follow up closely thanks to the Incentive App. In this way, you won’t worry during your adventure, yet you keep an overview if desired.

What’s more? Through the Incentive App, your personal butler is available online 24/7, who can immediately answer your questions in the app should you have any. Are there changes you wish to make on-site and last-minute to the program? Then this is immediately visible in the app and all travelers are notified in real time via a push notification. But there is so much more that the app will mean for you, especially clarity and comfort throughout your trip.

The Incentive App, for Your Comfort

At Creative Star, we create luxurious incentives at unique destinations and locations with breathtaking activities and culinary delights. A total concept where personal guidance and follow-up are the keys to success. That’s why the introduction of the Incentive Butler App was embraced, to provide that extra bit for our customers. A personalized version of your tailor-made travel program on your own smartphone. Why? Because we are perfectionists and want everything to be finished to perfection.

In summary, Creative Star ensures all-out glitter & glamour. A unique and unforgettable experience with personal guidance from A to Z. However, there’s just one more thing left: to book an incentive and just download the Incentive Butler App!