Exclusive Private Trips for an Unforgettable Experience

Would you like to plan a unique experience with family or friends? Then our exclusive private trips are the ideal solution. At Creative Star, we understand your unique needs and therefore offer fully customized private travel experiences that meet your personal wishes and goals.

After a thorough conversation, we identify your needs and create tailored travel programs and concepts that align with your goals. Struggling with logistical planning? Don’t worry, we also manage matters such as flights, accommodation, and local transportation. In short, you can rely on our expertise and complete support without having to worry.

We aim for that exclusive trip of your life with endless memories. A moment in your life that will leave you speechless.

Fully Carefree and Customized

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in organizing exclusive trips enable us to plan and execute your dream trip down to the smallest details. From the first introduction to the farewell after an unforgettable journey, we provide everything.

At Creative Star, we take all your worries away when planning your exclusive private trip, from start to finish. Complete care is central to us. Think of arranging your flights and accommodations, but also organizing local transport or your own on-site travel assistant who not only travels with you but also takes care of your last-minute wishes and needs. We take everything off your hands so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Moreover, we provide professional guidance and coordination of all activities, ensuring your trip goes smoothly. Through our butler app, you can even consult your personalized program via your smartphone and stay in touch with our VIP Hospitality Desk 24/7. Discover the most beautiful places on Earth in style and comfort, while we take care of everything.

Creative Destinations and Unique Surprises

At Creative Star, we always think one step ahead and go beyond traditional travel. We search for original and unique destinations that perfectly match your preferences and create exclusive experiences that exceed your expectations.

There are no limits, only endless options and possibilities. Discover our previous experiences in the most beautiful spots.

Can’t wait to get started? Let’s sit down to plan your dream trip!

Unique Formulas at Top Destinations

We take you to the most exclusive and trendy destinations of the moment. Whether you dream of an exotic adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, a safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti, or a magical stay in the enchanting environment of Marrakesh, we make it possible.

Or would you rather be surprised by the breathtaking beauty of Necker Island? Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Lisbon, or discover the historic charm of Zadar and Bologna? From the romantic streets of Paris to the sun-soaked beaches of Saint Tropez and Cannes, our destinations are always the places to go.

For those seeking untouched nature and adventure, we also offer trips to the impressive landscapes of Iceland and magical Lapland. Whatever destination you choose, with Creative Star, you’ll experience an unforgettable and exclusive travel adventure that will surpass all your expectations and is unmatched by traditional travel agencies.

Luxury and Indulgence from Start to Finish

At Creative Star, it’s all about luxury and indulgence. Therefore, if desired, we go the extra mile and offer our private rental of airplanes, private jets, helicopters, mega- and luxury yachts. This way, we provide you the ultimate travel experience from the moment you depart.

Additionally, enjoy customized catering onboard because your taste buds should not be overlooked during your exclusive trip. Savor culinary delights on our private jets, airplanes, and luxury yachts, catered by a dedicated team. We strive to meet all your culinary desires with a wide range of delicious dishes, prepared with the finest ingredients. From refined meals to refreshing drinks, every aspect of your dining experience is carefully crafted to make your journey even more memorable.

Board these exclusive vehicles and let us take you on an exclusive journey that surpasses anything you could have imagined.

Endless Memories

With Creative Star, your dream trip becomes a reality. From breathtaking destinations to exclusive activities, our travels are designed to create moments you will never forget.

And there’s more! At Creative Star, we have an exclusive asset—a dedicated media team consisting of talented photographers, videographers, and experts with hyper-professional cameras and drones. With their skills and advanced equipment, they capture your experience in a way that is truly unforgettable.

Interested? Plan your exclusive trip and create memories that last a lifetime. Contact us and discover the world in a way you never thought possible.