Time for a team building!

Discover the power of teamwork and strengthen the bonds within your team with our original team building activities.

Do you want to enhance collaboration within the team or boost team spirit? At Creative Star, we create creative and original team buildings that completely blow your employees away.

Team building goes beyond just having fun. It provides an opportunity for team members to get to know each other better, build strong relationships, and work together more effectively. Through challenging and stimulating activities, teams can develop communication skills, build trust, and solve problems in a supportive environment.

Why Creative Star?

Ready to schedule an original team building but don’t have enough time to get it organized? Do you not want to be tied to travel restrictions? Do you need support managing your budgets? Or are you wondering how to elevate your team building to the next level and ensure an unforgettable moment?

Thanks to Creative Star, you and your team will enjoy luxurious and original team building experiences! We always provide a creative approach and impeccable service at an extraordinary location. And that’s not all, we also plan customized team buildings at unique locations with phenomenal activities that support your business goals. After all, such an unforgettable experience certainly gives an extra boost to the motivation and efforts of your team.

Unique Concepts

We’re not talking about traditional and classic team buildings at Creative Star, but rather about exclusive events and unique experiences that are tailor-made. Don’t believe us? Then let us take you and your team out to the highest bridge in Southern France, where you can gather your courage and set aside your fear of heights to bungee jump. With the strong group spirit of your team, everyone will be jumping for this unforgettable team building activity.

Not a fan of heights? Then we’ll charm you and your team with an original team building in Dubai, where the desert is at its best for sand skiing. Isn’t this a way to stimulate team spirit to a higher level? Or do you have a team of car enthusiasts? Then we invite you for an original team building in Bologna, where Ferraris and Lamborghinis are ready for an iconic ride. Or we simply rent the entire Imola F1 race circuit for you, so you can race like real F1 drivers on the circuit.

Or we’ll take you to the south of Italy, specifically to the Sicilian haunts. The one and only Godfather mansion, where all the ‘The Godfather’ films were shot and for which the owner, thanks to our good relations, opens his doors to us – and thus to you! Additionally, you will enjoy expansive beaches, deep ravines, and high mountain peaks. And of course, we’ll broaden your gastronomic horizon with a charming lunch followed by a tasting at a local vineyard with a view of the volcano Etna as a breathtaking finale.

Are you ready to step into the footsteps of 007, Bond, James Bond? Here you’ll relive the film from start to finish at the location where it all took place. Even the hotel where you stay, where the entire crew including Daniel Craig stayed during filming, the restaurant, the vehicles, the airplane… In short, all the spectacular events that occur in the film can be relived by you and your team. Our creativity and your options are limitless.

Original Team Building Tailored to Your Needs

Are your employees in different conditions and/or does your team consist of different age categories? No worries, our team building activities are adapted to the work environment, ages, and health conditions. We always provide something for everyone!

Creative Star is designed to inspire, connect, and strengthen. Let your team immerse themselves in a world of gastronomic delights, artistic expression, and adventurous discoveries, while simultaneously developing valuable skills and strengthening bonds. Need a discussion round added to the team building program to align everyone’s focus? Creative Star provides the best communication trainers to guide you and your team.

Our original team building adventures are diverse and adaptable to the needs and goals of your team. We offer a range of options and have endless possibilities in store, which we are eager to develop for you and your team. Whether you prefer adrenaline-pumping challenges or calm, reflective sessions, we guarantee a team building that everyone will talk about for a long time.

Do you wish for a luxurious and/or original team building customized to your needs?

Travel in style

At Creative Star, we always search for marvelous destinations and the most unique activities, so your team building leaves an indelible impression. That’s why we offer complete peace of mind. We take care of all logistic processes such as flights, accommodations, and transport, so you have all the time to enjoy this irresistible adventure. We also focus on the smallest details like personalized luggage tags. Why? Because we strive for perfection and nothing less.

Want to experience total exclusivity? Treat yourself and your team to an unforgettable journey in luxury for your team building event, thanks to our options for private hire of private jets, airplanes, helicopters, mega- and luxury yachts. And yes, we can even reserve entire hotels or exclusive private venues such as venues, country houses, and castles solely and exclusively for you.

Do you have special check-in requirements or need extra luggage? With our private vehicle rental, such requests are effortlessly handled. Want your culinary experience to start from the beginning? Then we can provide customized catering on board. At Creative Star, we turn your journey into an unforgettable adventure.

Curious about our exclusive destinations? Check out our previous team buildings and be inspired.