A Unique Experience with Helicopters

When you organize an incentive trip or team building, plan a spectacular corporate event, or attend an exceptional conference trip domestically or abroad, flying is always an obvious option. But what can make your journey even better? Creative Star always thinks one step ahead and offers efficient travel through the rental of helicopters!

With attention to detail and mindful of your desires, needs, and goals, we create an adventure you will never forget. By renting a helicopter, you are not just transported from point A to B, but welcomed aboard as a valued guest. What a difference that makes and adds a fun added value.

Comfortable Travel

A commercial flight often involves long wait times at airports, causing you to lose a lot of time. When you choose to rent a helicopter, you can often land within a few kilometers of your business and destination, or if you have a slightly larger than average garden, we might be able to take off and land right at your home. Thus, traveling by helicopter avoids a lot of unnecessary waiting times and inefficient transfers to and from the airport. Once landed at your destination, you are fully rested and ready for your unforgettable adventure.

Furthermore, when renting a helicopter, you enjoy other benefits. Think about ample legroom, different check-in arrangements, and the possibility to bring more luggage. Finally, you do not have to deal with fellow passengers and are served like a king in the air.

Extensive Network and Strong Relationships

At Creative Star Aviation, we cherish our well-developed networks and close relationships with our suppliers. Eurocopter, now known as Airbus Helicopters, is a leading manufacturer of helicopters headquartered in Marignane, France, and was founded in 1992. Eurocopter is known for its wide range of helicopters for various applications, including business transport, medical evacuation, police and rescue operations, military use, and VIP transport.

Eurocopter helicopters are globally renowned for their reliability, safety, and performance. They are often praised for their advanced technologies, comfortable cabins, and ease of use. Eurocopter offers an extensive range of models, each designed to meet your specific desires and needs.

With a rich history of innovation and an unwavering commitment to quality, Eurocopter remains one of the most respected names in the aviation industry. Therefore, we are proud that they are always there for us – and thus for you – with helicopters available for rental.

Fun Fact

Fun fact! Did you know that besides designing and manufacturing helicopters, Eurocopter also offers an extensive range of services, including maintenance, repair, and training for pilots and technicians? They have a global network of service centers and partners to support customers and ensure optimal operational deployment of their helicopters.

A Variety of Possibilities with Creative Star

In addition to planning your flight by helicopter, we also gladly organize your entire experience. From renting helicopters, on-site transportation, breathtaking accommodations such as luxury hotels and private venues or castles, to the actual activities of your trip. Whatever your reason for travel and whatever goals and wishes you have, at Creative Star we make it something magical.

Do you love adventurous activities during your incentive trip or team building? Do you need to prepare presentations for your conference? Are you soon launching a new product and want to announce it with an incredible product launch? Creative Star plans the entire trip for you and your travelers, taking into account your wishes and needs.

Fancy an incredible journey by helicopter?