Extravagant Traveling on the Water

First and foremost, what exactly is a luxury or megayacht? The terms refer to modern large yachts that are often privately owned. These yachts are manned by professional crews and vary in size, from about 8 crew members for a 40-meter yacht to more than 40 crew members for yachts larger than 100 meters.

Megayachts typically offer a higher level of service due to the presence of more crew members who welcome guests, often comparable to that of the world’s best hotels. On megayachts, we can also expect facilities such as a helicopter pad, a spa, a gym, a cinema, and sometimes even a submarine.

Dolce far niente

Whether you rent a megayacht is determined by your personal desires and needs, the yacht’s interior style, the available amenities, and the environmental impact. Regardless of your personal preferences, you will mainly suffer from the sweet doing nothing. Or as they say along the Italian coastlines: ‘dolce far niente’.

When you rent a megayacht, you enjoy all the amenities of a five-star hotel, including private suites, gourmet kitchens, and a range of entertainment options such as your own onboard helicopter, your own mini-submarine, or your own expedition team. It’s a more extravagant way to explore the world.

In a nutshell: renting a megayacht equates to a beautiful and ultra-luxurious outing, fully tailored to your desires. Traveling by megayacht also means complete privacy and independence.

What to Do Onboard?

Getting bored? Not on a beautiful, ultra-luxurious megayacht! Because when you rent a megayacht, there is much to experience, and you discover the unparalleled magic of life onboard. Turn your vacation or event into an unforgettable and exclusive experience and let your creativity run free while enjoying the ultimate cruising experience.

Whether you prefer adventurous water sports, diving at coral reefs, exploring remote islands, relaxing on the world’s most beautiful beaches, discovering ancient ruins, or exploring charming towns and fishing villages, the possibilities are endless. But when you rent a megayacht, it means, of course, that your cruise is completely customized, with special attention to your culinary wishes.

Craving delicacies such as shellfish or caviar with the finest champagne? Your menu is fully tailored to your taste preferences. And don’t worry if you have special dietary needs; the private chef prepares dishes that fit your dietary restrictions, whether it’s vegan, low-carb, or rich in beef. Because when renting a megayacht, you are treated like a true guest and not just as a passenger on board.

And what about entertainment for children? Megayachts are often equipped with great attractions for young guests, such as inflatable water toys, slides, a sea pool, mini or regular jet skis… In addition, various water sports activities are often offered, such as kite surfing, windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, flyboarding… You name it. There is definitely something for everyone on board!

Popular Destinations

When renting a megayacht, you choose where the journey goes. Naturally, we then fully map it out from start to finish according to your wishes and needs.

You might opt for the most popular place, namely the Mediterranean Sea. From the Greek islands to the French Riviera, the islands of Hawaii, or the coastline of Costa Rica, the possibilities are endless. A combination of a picturesque coastline, crystal-clear water, and mild climate makes the Mediterranean Sea an ideal destination for relaxation and utmost relaxation.

Do you prefer warm weather and a tropical getaway? Then the Caribbean area is also highly recommended. The British Virgin Islands combine perfect seclusion and luxury, with numerous private islands available for charter.

Interested? Let’s plan your dream destination together