Let’s meet!

Meetings, often a dreaded event, but what if we combine the useful with the pleasant?

Re-energize after a tasty lunch or conclude a day of meetings with a delightful dinner. At Creative Star, we always seek idyllic and original meeting venues where culinary delights are served. Whether it’s a simple sandwich or a productive 2- or 3-course lunch, we always emphasize the culinary experience.

Discover the world of Creative Star, where we create exclusive gatherings and culinary experiences at the most original meeting venues. With us, it’s all about bringing together inspiring environments and refined gastronomy to bring your meetings to life.

Creative Star strives for perfection in every detail. Thanks to our deep expertise, knowledge, and experience and our strong relationships with our suppliers, we are always ready to meet all your needs. We create a tailor-made experience that seamlessly aligns with your vision and objectives. From planning and execution to the final touch on the presentation, we ensure your meeting is an unforgettable success.

Original Meeting Venues

At Creative Star, we believe the right environment is key to a successful meeting. Therefore, we offer a range of original meeting venues that stimulate your imagination and support your business goals. Whether you choose a historic manor, a stylish city loft, or an exclusive waterfront location, each of our unique and creative meeting venues is carefully selected to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

In addition to arranging the perfect destination and the most original meeting venue, we make your business meeting unforgettable by taking you and your guests on a gastronomic journey. At Creative Star, we deliver quality down to the smallest detail and provide the finishing touch for your meeting.

Culinary Meetings

Besides a breathtaking setting, we also offer culinary delights that stimulate the senses and elevate your meeting. We provide talented chefs who prepare a range of tasty dishes with fresh, local ingredients and present them with creativity and craftsmanship.

Whether it’s an elaborate breakfast, a refined lunch, or a gourmet dinner, your guests will be delighted by the culinary pampering we offer. Even the coffee breaks are filled with delicious sweets that you will dream about.

What’s on the menu? Think pure delicacies such as oysters during your aperitif or the real Fruits de Mer, a platter of luxury for lunch. Are you a true carnivore who enjoys irresistible aged meat? Or do you prefer fine dining? Everything is possible!

The culinary meetings organized by Creative Star are accompanied by an elegant and unique decor, a carefully curated menu, and attention to detail in all aspects of the meal, from the appetizer to the dessert. We aim to provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience where taste buds are indulged and guests are immersed in an atmosphere of luxury and refinement.

Are you starting to drool? Say goodbye to boring and traditional meetings and choose the perfect culinary meetings at the most creative and original meeting venues you can imagine.

Spectacular and Educational

For an extraordinary experience during your meetings and conferences, Creative Star is the place to be. We search for the perfect location, speakers, and catering for you. Creative Star is where unique encounters and culinary experiences come together. And on top of that, we take into account your wishes, needs, and your predefined objectives.

Curious to learn more?

Creative Star is your partner in organizing exclusive meetings and culinary experiences at original meeting venues. Contact us to transform your next gathering into an unforgettable event that will inspire, surprise, and delight your guests.

Meeting Abroad

Do you want to offer your guests an entirely exclusive experience by taking them to a unique and original meeting venue abroad? Then Creative Star takes all the worries off your hands and ensures that your meetings run smoothly while you simultaneously enjoy a unique experience.

From booking commercial flights to arranging private rentals of private jets, airplanes, helicopters, mega, and luxury yachts, everything can be arranged by Creative Star. Or are you planning a two-day event or longer? Then we will reserve accommodations in entire hotels or exclusive private venues such as venues, country houses, and castles for you. At Creative Star, we handle everything down to the last detail and exclusively for you.

Do you have special check-in requirements or need extra luggage? With our private vehicle rental, such requests are effortlessly handled. And do you want your culinary experience to start from the beginning? Then we can provide customized catering on board. At Creative Star, we make your journey an unforgettable adventure.

Curious about our exclusive destinations and culinary experiences? Check out our previous meetings and be inspired.