The Request

This client turned to Creative Star to organize a luxurious and unforgettable incentive trip to London. A two-day experience where comfort, gastronomy, and exclusive experiences were central. London, with its rich culture and world-famous landmarks, provided the perfect backdrop for a unique and exciting journey. The wish was to pamper the participants with culinary delights, exclusive activities, and a touch of adventure.

The Solution


Creative Star put together a program that allowed the participants to fully enjoy the best that London has to offer. The trip began with a comfortable ride on the Eurostar, where the participants were pampered in first class with a delicious meal and drinks. Upon arrival in London, they were taken to their luxury hotel for a short rest.

The first evening began with a dinner at one of Jamie Oliver’s famous restaurants, where the guests enjoyed delicious, modern British dishes. Afterwards, they were taken to the stadium for an exclusive experience: tickets to a Champions League match, where they could witness the excitement of top-tier football live.

The next day started with a gourmet breakfast at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, where the participants enjoyed refined dishes prepared by top chefs. Then, a teambuilding activity was on the agenda in the charming Notting Hill area, where the participants went on a scavenger hunt through the colorful streets and markets.

In the afternoon, the guests enjoyed breathtaking views over London from a private cabin on the London Eye, complete with butler service and a champagne aperitif. The day concluded with a ride in a classic double-decker bus, which took them to their next activity, a RIB boat ride on the Thames. During the ride, they were treated to delicious amuse-bouches and drinks while enjoying views of London’s iconic landmarks.

The two-day trip to London offered a perfect mix of luxury, adventure, and culinary indulgence, giving the participants an unforgettable experience in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

London is the ultimate destination for team building, where culture, history, and adventure converge.

Richard Branson

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