The Request

This client turned to Creative Star to organize an inspiring and relaxing incentive trip to Scheveningen. A two-day experience where the sea, beach activities, and luxury were central. Scheveningen, with its beautiful coastline and vibrant atmosphere, provided the ideal setting for unique teambuilding and relaxation. The wish was to offer the participants a combination of relaxation, adventure, and culinary indulgence.

The Solution


Creative Star put together a program that fully immersed the participants in the charm and activities of Scheveningen. The trip began with a luxurious reception at a five-star hotel on the boulevard, where the guests were welcomed with a sunset cocktail reception on the rooftop terrace, overlooking the sea.

The next day started with a dynamic teambuilding activity on the beach, where participants could choose from beach sailing, power kiting, or an exciting team-building exercise. After a morning full of action and fun, they were treated to an exclusive lunch at a beach pavilion, where fresh seafood and local delicacies were served.

In the afternoon, Creative Star organized a relaxing cruise along the coast of Scheveningen, allowing participants to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh sea air. The day ended with a private BBQ dinner at a renowned beach restaurant, where they enjoyed a stylish BBQ with matching wines.

The last day was dedicated to relaxation and pampering. Participants started with an invigorating morning walk on the pier, followed by a visit to a luxury spa for an extensive wellness treatment. The trip concluded with a farewell brunch at a stylish beach club, where participants could enjoy delicious dishes and the panoramic view of the North Sea.

The two-day trip to Scheveningen offered a perfect balance between adventure, relaxation, and luxury, allowing the participants to unwind, recharge, and come closer together as a team.

Scheveningen is the perfect place for team building, with its beautiful beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

Max Verstappen

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