Test our creativity. Let us browse through the 3 500 exclusively private and 12 800 international locations for you? Many of these are not even available to the public for hiring out, like the private lodge of Daniel Craig. But it is for Creative Star - and thus for you!

Creative star

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Specializing in the creation of exceptional events for private and corporate clients, we design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution.

Our group of seasoned professionals understands that breakthrough ideas are only as good as the discipline supporting them. At Creative Star we believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of logistics and the creation of astonishment. 

Our events are completely customized, reflecting the brand personality of each client. Whether we act for a family, a product, a company or a cause, our work embraces experiences that integrate innovative design with the finest in wine and cocktails, dining, music, entertainment and—most important of all—that intangible element of surprise.

Creative star

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Proven results through rewards

Our unrivalled travel incentives are proven to motivate teams and drive fantastic results. Our multi-award-winning expertise and buying power as part of the John Keels partnership gives you access to market-leading rewards and exclusive destinations. In turn, helping you motivate teams to hit targets or build brand awareness around the world.

Enjoy hassle-free management

Creating extraordinary incentive travel is what we do. We can integrate with your existing incentive structure, or we can manage the full end-to-end experience independently; the choice is yours. Let us take the hassle out of the process as we meticulously plan, organize and execute each step—always keeping your brand and image front of mind. This allows you to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that every part of your travel incentive is taken care of.

Your vision, our expertise, incredible incentive travel

Our in-house experts know what it takes to create outstanding incentive travel itineraries. Yet we understand it has to fit with your company vision. We work with you to create a package that fits with your company’s goals and desired results. Our external dedicated communications team is available throughout, while our in-house creative team can assist in video production, design, and web development at all stages of the process. As a leading incentive travel and prize promotions agency, we help you achieve your business objectives through the creation and delivery of remarkable travel experiences. Our inspirational campaigns will motivate, educate and unite your audience. We are experts in what we do, trusted by some of the world’s top brands. We’ve even picked up a few awards along the way.

Convinced of working with us?

We'd be happy to discuss tailor made services. Please contact us with all details so we can send you the perfect program for your group.